Verizon tells a customer to deal with months of overcharging, until local media gets involved

As we have written about countless times, one of the most common stories written by local news outlets is one in which a broadband/wireless customer is improperly charged large amounts of money by their carrier and told by that carrier that there is no way to get around paying this fine/fee/bill. That is, until the local media (or national media) gets involved and the issue magically disappears. We have written about situations like this before involving a variety of wireless and broadband carriers.

Today, we have yet another situation where Verizon charged a New Jersey woman $1,500 for something she never wanted or ordered, a second landline. She cancelled this landline in 2000 and had not been charged for it between 2000 and 2010. Then, Verizon decided to just start charging her for it again at random times the last few years.

After not realizing that she had been paying for a second landline for months, she recently contacted Verizon and asked for a refund for a number of these charges. Seems like a simple fix.

Hollyer says she called Verizon in early June both to end the improper billing and to receive a refund for the five years she had been charged improperly. Getting the charge dropped was easy, but the person she spoke to could only authorize a refund for three months of the added fees she had paid. – Motley Fool

Like other carriers, Verizon has quite the sketchy past with charging customers phantom things. Verizon was part of the illegal cramming activities (i.e. allowed 3rd party companies to put small charges on customers bills to which Verizon got a part of that amount charged) that went under the radar until the FCC investigated and fined Verizon and Sprint a combined $158 million dollars.

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