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Benefits of Incorporating CPQ Solution in Business

CPQ or Configure Price Quote is a sales tool that helps businesses create flawless personalized sales quotes. The software achieves it by taking into detail the entire price and the customers’ needs within a centralized platform. Organizations that incorporate salesforce cpq solutions enhance their average deal size by a significant percentage. The benefits encourage organizations to incorporate the CPQ software and experience high revenue and profit.

Enhanced accuracy

With the help of CPQ software, a Salesforce professional can prepare quotes swiftly, keeping accuracy intact. Furthermore, it also assures precise pricing and desired pricing level. The approvals can be minutely automated as it is wanted. Through the procedure, CPQ solutions prepare accurate quote documents with exact collaterals featured with electronic signatures for improved purchasing.

Better productivity

One of the key benefits of CPQ solutions is that they significantly minimise or eliminate errors for the sales professional. Therefore, it helps to decrease the lead time. In addition, the sales quotes can be personalized perfectly in an optimized manner. Real-time quotes can be created without flaws, minimizing the time needed to go back and forth to check for errors. Henceforth, the meeting conduction procedure is strategic and optimized. Furthermore, it also makes the deal closing process more streamlined.


According to reports, most sales representatives waste their time on unproductive tasks like searching and sorting excel data. Using outdated tools wastes valuable time for the Salesforce team and slows down deal closures. This creates a negative effect on cash flow and customer satisfaction.

The good thing is that incorporating cpq solutions can cut down the sales cycle significantly. It can reduce or eliminate the time taken for approvals. Henceforth, the sales team can experience empowerment as decisions can be taken swiftly and generate professional quotes almost ten times faster.

Generate professional quotes

Naturally, buyers prefer those vendors that respond quickly. This in itself explains the need to develop a professional quote from the beginning to create the best impression. CPQ software helps sales professionals communicate efficiently, thereby standardising generating quotes and their formats. This is one reason that allows the Salesforce team to create and generate professional-looking quotes that are smarter and create the impression required.

Easy closing of big deals

Another benefit of incorporating CPQ solutions in businesses is the easy closure of big deals. The companies witness an almost 100% or sometimes even larger average deal size with the help of CPQ. This is because the CPQ solution enables the organization to monitor customer preferences and recommend their preferred products and services. Furthermore, the sales team can also help cross-sell and up-sell. This results in broadening the client pool.


Generating quotes is the beginning of the detailed procedure where a business’s sales team plays a critical role. Incorporating cpq solutions eliminates manual errors and also overcomes inter-team communication loopholes. The benefits of considering CPQ software are realized at every step that deals with quotes. It is the efficacy of the quote creation process that affects all the team members engaged end-to-end.

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