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Dealing With Trojans: Here’s How Your Business Can Do Better!

Malware attacks on businesses have been a serious source of concern. More companies have suffered massive data breaches and losses in the last few years than before, and the risks and stakes remain high. One of the common malware types is called trojan, or the trojan horse. A trojan horse is called so, because the file looks like a genuine download, which tricks the user into running it. Unlike some other types of malwares, a trojan file must be run, for it to work.

Types of trojans

There are different types of trojans that hackers use. The common one is called the downloader, which downloads and runs other malware files on a device. Some trojans are meant to run ransomware attacks. A trojan banker is meant to steal information related to cards and online banking. Rootkits, on the other hand, prevent detection of malicious files on a device. Trojans can be also used for launching a backdoor, through which hackers can edit, steal data, or install files or simply spy on user activities.

Preventing Trojans

  • Malware files, especially trojans, are not that hard to detect. Just let your employees know the kind of risks and threats that they are dealing with, so that they know when to report something.
  • Practice safe browsing. Ensure that your employees know what it takes to be safe on the internet. Restrict access to certain websites, if need be, and for the rest, you may recommend a web filter.
  • Use a spam filter. Emails often emerge the foremost source of malware and trojan files, and unsuspecting employees end up downloading files by mistake. With an email filter, they can easily sort their emails and decide which ones are to be marked as spam.
  • Review incident response plan. It is absolutely important for employees to report a trojan or any malicious file that they may have run and downloaded by mistake. For that, the incident response plan has to be perfect.
  • Update firmware and software. All operating systems, browsers, firmware, and software must be updated to the latest version. These patches are important for the security of these programs.
  • Install an antimalware software. There are some amazing software options that can detect most types of malware, including trojans. Find one that’s easy to use, reliable, and can work for business needs.

Finally, where needed, restrict user access to certain resources. Access right management can protect your company data or resources from being attacked by trojans. For more information please visit – software for employee monitoring

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