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Difference between Microsoft office and Microsoft office 365 pro plus

In case you are in business and would wish to utilize Office 2019 professional plus or have a Microsoft office 365 subscription, then it means that you have a license for usability of the Pro Plus for Office, which renders the need to buy the perpetual, standalone license of Office 2019 null and void.

What is Microsoft office 365 ProPlus?

It refers to a version of Office that is available via your active subscription to the Microsoft Office 365 and installed from the cloud to your local computer, tablet or smartphone device. What you only need to do is to have an account for Office 365 and an active connection to the internet to be able to very any license that is assigned and get started with the apps suite.

For the Pro Plus, it is a click to run and thus, you don’t require a connection for an internet which is active to be able to verify the license, it requires you to connect it once after every 30 days, otherwise, your license changes to a mode of reduced functionality until you are able to verify it again.

The office 365 Pro Plus is the version which is always up to date of the Microsoft office Suite together with its apps. If you have an organization that already has a business or enterprise subscription with Microsoft 365, then you already have Pro Plus or a version of Office which is similar to that, and it has all the features, benefits, and functionality of Office 2019 and much more.

Is office 365 Pro Plus the same as Office 2019?

If you wanted Office 2019 that has a variety of new features which makes it different from the Office 365, you have to rethink. Users and businesses that have Office 365 subscription already have the Office 365 Pro Plus and all the features of Office 2019 plus additional to various important upgrades which the version that is a standalone has, which it will never have.

Office 2019 will have some but not all the features which are in the Office 365. The Office 365 Pro Plus has all the current features of Office 2019 in addition to cumulative, regular feature upgrades and other updates patch which makes it to be the version that is most up to date of the Office which is available for enterprises at the moment.

Backed by the cumulative updates and the cloud, Office 365 Pro Plus has an advantage which can’t be ignored for a longer time if you are assessing currently the Office upgrade options which will be both future proof and cost effective.

The complete package of Office 365 ProPlus

The Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus does offer the full office package and it is readily available through the subscription of the Microsoft 365 that you have.  That is the only difference that you need to understand which is, the way it gets delivered to the devices for use and the updates to the users.

Because the subscription is user based and powered for servicing by the Microsoft cloud, the Pro Plus receives upgrades for features regularly, security patches, quality updates which are delivered automatically to the user.

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