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Everything To Know About The Technology Development

Technological development mainly refers to finding some new as well as improved methods of producing the goods. The changes in technology mainly lead to the increase in productivity of the labor, capital, and different factors of production. Technology is the process through which the inputs are being converted into outputs. Some of the facts about technology development have been discussed in this article.

The different advantages of the technological development

  1. Technological development helps in an increase in production
  2. This can be easily accessible by everyone
  3. This can help in increasing the job opportunity
  4. There can be an increase in communication
  5. Implementing new technology into the classroom mainly helps students explore and access various ways of effective learning.

Different phases of technology development

Some of the different phases of technological development include:

  1. Invention: This is mainly the act of creating new technology. This mainly involves some of the scientific or technical ideas and the different means of its accomplishment.
  2. Innovation: This is a new way of using technology. Some of the prime attributes include relative advantage, complexity, compatibility, trialability, and observability.
  3. Diffusion: This is mainly the spreading of technology throughout society.

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