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Everything you need to know about Laser tag

In Laser tag games, the first team that has all members either tagged out or eliminated loses. Players without tags can become “dead” in three ways: by being hit with a laser; when their time period expires; if one member of the opposing team touches them while they have no body armour on (i.e., they weren’t tagged).

When players get shot, it will take away some of their health points. Points are scored only when shooting an opposing player Laser tag is an active game, usually requiring players to move Laser tag teams must work together to achieve the game objective Laser Tag is a great activity for people of all ages.

A laser gun (or blaster) consists of two parts: the laser and mount. The mount attaches to the player’s hand, while the beam shoots out from it in an instant. Some guns have safety features that turns off your own Beam when you haven’t shot for three seconds.

Others require you to learn how to shoot without looking at your target Laser tag equipment includes body armour, Laser blasters with mounts, vests with Velcro attachments as well as other accessories like flags and protective glasses. Laser tag games are typically played on indoor playing fields with fog or smoke obscuring the players’ vision.

Some people play for fun, while others enjoy it as a competitive sport. Laser Tag can be arranged in several different ways: free-for-all (every player against every other player), elimination, and capture the flag. Laser guns use infrared light to mark your opponent’s armor with a “hit.” The marks will show up if you turn out your lights… but don’t worry about them rubbing off!

You can also find some great beginner information at Laser Tag Singapore where they have an extensive FAQ section that deals with everything from game strategies to power levels of various models of equipment.

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