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Five Network Security Tips For The Small Businesses

Small business network security is the combination of hardware, software, policies, and practices that are used to protect the network of the company from unauthorized access like phishing, spam, data loss, virus, etc. with limited funds and resources, small and medium businesses find it difficult to maintain a reliable and secure network. This article is all about tips on how network security for businesses can be maintained and improved.

  • Install a Firewall:

Choosing a firewall that matches both size and scope of the business is the first critical step for maintaining the network security for businesses. It is basically a tool that provides a barrier between cyber-criminals and the network infrastructure of the companies. Installing an internal firewall besides the standard external firewall is a great way to provide additional network security. Not only does the firewall filter network traffic based on IP addresses but also blocks malicious network requests.

  • Set up a VPN

Setting up a VPN is a crucial step that secures businesses by allowing one to log into the computer and access the internet through encrypted data which helps in hiding the activity and data of an individual. An extra network security layer is created by a VPN which further allows accessing the business files over public or unsecured networks. IP addresses are masked and data is encrypted by a VPN so that the browsing passwords and history can be protected from potential hackers.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Employees may make mistakes leading to compromised security of the company’s data but it is with the multi-factor authentication that an extra layer of protection can be provided to the data. Multi-factor authentication requires the users to present two or more pieces of evidence (username and password) for authenticating their identities and it is only after the authentication that they are granted access to the website or an application.

  • Educate Employees

Human errors are one of the biggest network security threats to small and medium-scale companies. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) around 90% of data, breach reports were attributed to human error. It signifies the need of educating the employees about proper network security so that the risks involved with security threats can be reduced.

  • Secure the Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi network of the company acts as an entry point for unauthorized access. Therefore, businesses need to take the necessary steps for securing their internet connection. First, a company should restrict the access of Wi-Fi to its employees and make sure that the network password is encrypted using a strong password. In addition to this, businesses can hide their network to prevent the router from broadcasting the name of the network.


Nowadays, cases of cybercrime and breaches into the essential data of the companies are increasing significantly leading to the increased importance of maintaining strong network security for businesses. The above-enlisted tips act as a great way to enhance the network security of the business which further allows the company to avoid costly hitches and lawsuits that can put it out of the industry.

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