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How language translator can influence the outcome

Translation at doujin is both a profession and an art and its efficiency will largely depend on the translator quality. To be able to choose the gaps in the language, it is important to have translation skills. It makes choose a well-trained and experienced professional to be imperative.  It isn’t a rare occurrence to have meaning that gets lost during translation. There are various ways where the translator can end up influencing the outcomes in the message.

Outcome of the message will depend on the perception of the translator

The result happens to be entirely on the understanding of the translator of the message. The professional translator’s role is thus, more than having to sup plantation of one word for the other. They have the capacity of enhancing the understanding about the issue by having to mediate ideas across various cultures.

It is something that requires language translators to be able to discern the small differences in the expressions and the meanings. Apart from that, a translator needs to have a deep knowledge of the message intention, or the text before it is translated.

There are some translation services that require specialized individuals.  A good example happens to be in the medical field where the terminologies utilized are known to be prevalent. Having knowledge of the terms is what allows the translators to grasp easily the intended message and because of that, maintaining the original message.

The translators act as authors

Even though there are times when the translators aren’t the original authors of the message which they are translating, they tend to assume that role when doing the translation. The translation has to be read by then as if they are the ones who have initially written it in the intended language.

For that to be achieved, there are times when the translators have to start to write from scratch. It is what opens doors for the expression and the mood of the translator to be evident in the text. Because of that, either by mistake or intentionally, their feelings get translated in the content. The feelings can be both negative and positive, which then influences the reader’s perception about the whole message.

Translator culture

The linguistic and cultural background of the translator can end up influencing the translation process outcome. Culture is what influences the way that people perceive the whole world. Because of that, two translators coming from two different cultures might perceive a particular text in a different way.

Although the variations can be muted, they have a great ability of changing in magnitude from one culture to the next. Thus, to choose a translator with knowledge which is deep rooted of both the target audience and the source culture is something that is highly recommended.

When you have such a translator, they are able to understand the exchangeable and the nuance relation that exists between translators and language and the reconstruct the text from the source language to comply with the cultural views of the audience in the target language.

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