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MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Review – The Best Hosting for Growing Websites

Is your website already running out of resources? If so, it’s time to upgrade from a shared hosting plan to a web hosting plan that can meet your website’s increasing demands.

When it comes to hosting a new website, cheap web hosting company options are always a good choice. The shared hosting plans are significantly less expensive than any other hosting plans and give the essential tools and resources for the website.

But what if your website outgrows shared hosting?

Is it better to move to dedicated server hosting? Is dedicated hosting appropriate for small company websites that have outgrown shared hosting?

The most costly web hosting package is dedicated hosting. Although dedicated web hosting allows you to access the resources of a whole server, the cost of these plans is prohibitively expensive in comparison to shared hosting plans. It is possible that you will not use all of the resources that you have paid for while using dedicated hosting.

What is the happy medium in this situation?

Getting a cheap web hosting company is unquestionably a good idea. Shared hosting plans are less expensive but lack resource scalability, whereas dedicated hosting plans give more than enough resources but are the most expensive.

A VPS package is a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting.

If you’ve outgrown shared hosting, it’s time to upgrade to a VPS hosting package.

All of these advances, however, need an understanding of how to alter each parameter. Some hosting companies offer a VPS management panel, while others allow root access and expect you to be comfortable with the command-line interface. With managed VPS hosting, you won’t have to bother about the technical aspects of your site.

Instead of configuring and administering your VPS, you may concentrate on running your business and the frontend components of your online presence. Your web host will handle all daily updates, optimizations, and security tasks.

Concerning VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a form of web hosting that allows for resource scalability. Linux virtual server hosting is split into many virtual blocks using hypervisor software in VPS hosting. A hypervisor allows a physical server to function as many virtual blocks. Each virtual block functions as it is a virtual server in itself, giving all resources to the client.

VPS hosting enables you to have a dedicated IP. The dedicated IP keeps your hosting private and secure on the physical server where multiple other websites are hosted. VPS hosting provides resource scalability, and that is the best thing about VPS hosting.

Some of the best benefits of VPS hosting are:

  • Resource scalability

The resource scalability option enables the users to scale up and down the resources with VPS hosting plans. During high website traffic, you can scale up the resources and scale down the resources when you do not have enough website traffic.

  • Improved website performance

VPS hosting plans offer better performance than shared hosting plans due to the reason that all the VPS hosting plans have dedicated IP. VPS plans also provide increased security for the same reason.

  • Fully-managed services

 100% managed hosting is provided by the web hosting companies on managed VPS plans. The service provider looks after the installation of hardware/software.

  • Full root access

A user gets full root access with all the VPS hosting plans. Also, customization is possible with all the VPS hosting plans, which is not possible with shared hosting. The full root access control allows you to manage your VPS server the way you want.

  • Dedicated resources

Dedicated resources are provided with all the VPS hosting plans.

  MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting

With MilesWeb hosting you get managed and unmanaged VPS hosting that is for Windows and Linux-based applications and websites.

With all the VPS hosting plans you get a 25% off. MilesWeb offers you the best servers with the highest speed, power, and scalability.

SSD-based VPS servers are provided by MilesWeb to all the VPS hosting plans that gives the best website performance. MilesWeb assures you a 99.99% uptime guarantee with all the managed VPS hosting plans.

Currently, MilesWeb is assisting more than 30,000+ clients globally.

Standard and Memory Optimized are the two categories in which managed VPS plans are divided.

You have the option of picking one plan from the ten plans given under Standard VPS, ranging from V1 to V10.

The basic VPS hosting plan V1 costs Rs. 630/mo on a one-year subscription that includes 2vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP.

The high-end plan V10 costs Rs. 32,640/mo on a one-year plan subscription, and includes 40vCPU, 128 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP.

On the Memory Optimized VPS plans, you may choose from eight different plans ranging from VO1 to VO8.

The base plan VO1 costs Rs. 3,906/mo on a year subscription and includes 2vCPU, 15 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP.

The VO8 plan costs Rs 31,248/mo on a one-year subscription and includes 8vCPU, 120 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP.

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting provides you:

  • VPS hosting setup
  • Control panel installation and configuration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Linux security and hardening
  • CMS and Web application installation
  • Optimizing web server and fine-tuning
  • Database optimization
  • Network fine-tuning
  • Server performance fine-tuning
  • Security optimization
  • Kernel patch updates
  • Malware, virus detection, and protection
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • Spam protection
  • Database and Website security
  • Protection against server blacklisting
  • Malware removal
  • VPS performance optimization
  • VPS migration
  • Hardware and network related issues

Finally, we know that MilesWeb certainly provides ample options to choose from for your growing website.

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