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Most Influential Server Management Vendors in the World – Ultimate List

This pandemic has completely transformed the way we work and today most of the companies are running their business online. This is the reason they have to depend on the server which is the heart of an online business without which they can’t operate. So as a small organization, you can start with a single server and start upgrading as the business.

Thus, maintaining the server is an important task.

Let’s Start With Server Management

Server management is keeping an eye on the server so that they can function properly without harming your data and maintaining the security of the site. It includes setting up a server, maintaining them regularly, security, and monitoring them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Server management

  • Cost-effective.
  • Reduces server Downtime.
  • 24*7 Support Services.
  • Get a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Improves security so there are fewer or no chances of getting hacked
  • Daily data backup
  • Get services from professionals having years of experience in the industry.

List of Top Server Management Companies

  1. WHMCS Global Services

WHMCS Global Services is one of the leading company in providing 24/7 server management services which includes cPanel, windows server, Linux, Plesk, etc and remote server management services, web hosting support, technical support along with WHMCS  themes and customization for the Web Hosting industry in an efficient way having experience of more than 10 years in this industry and has more than 100+ satisfied customer all over the world.

  1. Rackaid

Rackaid is one of the best Server management companies in the world. Started in 2006 by Jeff Huckaby in the US after leaving IT freelancers and built flat rate recurring packages. They invested in automation to boost server performance, hardening, and security. They provide different server management services for servers like Linux server, Cloud server, cPanel, Plesk, and many more.

  1. Syslint

Syslint is a web hosting maintenance and server management company that started in 2008. They offer services like DirectAdmin Support, VPS Support, cPanel server management, and chat and ticket support. They provide different plans for various services starting with minimal cost. They have fulfilled the needs of clients throughout the planet.

  1. Serveradminz

ServerAdminz is a leading 24/7 technical support company with certified, qualified, and trained server administrators providing services worldwide like technical support, server security, server administration, remote server management to data centers. Also, they provide hourly services which require level 3/4 technicians for some tasks @ 25$/hour.

  1. Serversupportz

ServerSupportz is owned and operated by Transmedia Netvision, a global tech solution company. Transmedia provides various services like server administration, 24/7  server administration, technical support, and ISPs around the globe.

  1. Bobcares

Founded in 2002, Bobcares is one of the oldest server management companies operating in India and the USA. They provide 24/7 server management & monitoring services along with free cPanel support, Virtualisation, and web hosting control panel support.

  1. Serverhealers

Server healers is a 24/7 web hosting support and server management company. They have specialized skills in handling the chat and tickets of your web hosting company along with server management tasks.

  1. Milesweb

Milesweb is an Indian web hosting company that provides server management services also. As Milesweb is a web hosting company itself, they themselves know the problems of the web hosting company and provide real-time solutions for it.


Xieles is a reliable outsourced server management company providing 24/7 web hosting support, technical support, remote server administration, server security, and management for web hosting companies. and has more than 7 years of experience in the industry

Now, the choice is yours. You can pick any of these top server management companies and stay cool to focus on the things that actually matter for your business rather than keeping yourself busy in server management.

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