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NFL Streams on Reddit – A Simple Method to Get NFL Games Online For Free

The website Reddit launched an application called NFL Stream. The application allows users to stream live NFL games from several different sports networks including ESPN. This new feature is designed to enhance the user experience on the site by providing up-to-date information from the most popular U.S. based NFL teams.

NFL Stream has taken the functionality available within the Reddit software and made it accessible to the public. As a result, this application has opened up a new platform for Internet users to obtain real time results from the NFL.

Community Awards is still in the developmental stages. When launched, users were able to browse and search through categories to find the best NFL team and individual players based on their popularity in the site’s user base. After developing an initial prototype, reached out to moderators in r/NFL, r/mma, r/apartments, and others to gather feedback, iterate on and develop an Awards platform that would be as relevant and customized for all Reddit communities. With the feedback and critical reviews from the moderators and users of r/NFL, the application went through several iterations that added several key features:

o Instantaneous Updates – Users were able to receive updates on NFL scores via email, instant messaging (D DM), and Slack. Subscribers could see the score while browsing through the official Reddit NFL section. Replays were also available for viewers. The only drawback was the inability to comment on live streaming links. The final version of the application used a private Digg account as the URL for playback. A Redditors private Digg account can be accessed via the discord bot.

o League Passes Support – NFL streams featured live streaming links on Reddit that viewers could click on to purchase NFL packages. The process was seamless and did not require any extra effort on the part of the user. Subscribers paid the corresponding fees to obtain the NFL package. Subscribers enjoyed instant benefits, with no tedious sign up processes, nor hefty charges afterwards. Reddit decided to discontinue this feature after the implementation of League Pass, but it is still available for users who signed up for the service prior to the discontinuation date.

As a member of the NFL community, I was thrilled to see how easy it was to stream the games for free on Reddit. The influx of NFL scores into my home desktop was a welcome surprise. In fact, it was so nice I wanted to share it with all my friends!

Despite the negative press circulating the idea of free NFL stream on Reddit, I believe that it was a brilliant way to get nfl live stream free online into the hands of basketball fans around the country. The implementation of League Pass generated a huge buzz about this online broadcasting service. People loved the simplicity of being able to watch streams via their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. By streamlining the process, I was able to join in on the conversation and participate in discussions. I think most folks were pleasantly surprised to see how smoothly the stream worked. Now, if you have an NFL game to watch, why not check out the NFL stream on Reddit?

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